Casado Martínez

Types of electrical panels

  • Motor Control Center
  • Power Center
  • Panels of Electric Power Companies
  • Distribution boards and primary and secondary protection
  • Automated panel
  • Segregated panels
  • Panels for renewable industry
  • Serial panel
  • Machining of metal plate, polyester and bakelite
  • Machining of copper busbars and aluminum
  • Machining enclosure

Casado Martínez - Strict quality policy

electrical panel

All of our electrical panels once completed, are functionally verified according to our customer specifications.

We carry out tests of electrical strength, ground continuity and isulation tests are made according to official regulations.

In Casado Martínez is very important for us, the quality of a well done job, because we are always pursuing the satisfaction of our customers, existing the three basic pillars such us competitiveness, adaptability and reliability.