Casado Martínez

Casado Martínez - Design and development of electrical panels

development of electrical panels

Our main endorsements, are given by our customers and suppliers, along with our commitment to quality, which is one of our greatest competitive advantages in the company. We count on a strict quality policy and environmental management.

We provide a specialized and highly skilled human team, not only in the design and development but also in the evolution of electrical panels, more precisely creating methodologies that allow us a high level of optimization, in terms of time and resources, providing clear benefits to our customers.

Our facilities

Casado Martínez has currently equipped with a 10,000 m² production facilities and a workforce of 58 people. Within its infrastructures, it relies on the following tools and manufacturing plant:

  • Machining center
  • Cutting centre: chute and track
  • Copper treatment center
  • Center cabling and labeling
  • Specific machinery for cutting, folding and punching accurately
  • Manufacturing system CNC
  • Laser Printer
  • Printing Plotter and cutting vinyl
  • Dynamometric
  • Torque control screwdrivers