Check the latest projects we have carried out in the different fields of action:

D of Nabiax in Alcala de Henares. Assembly of Okken switchboards for Nabiax CPD in Alcala de Henares (Madrid)

Cliente: Schneider Electric

Panels substations CPD`S Amazon in Aragon. Supply of Medium Voltage substation panels in the Amazon Data Centers in Aragón for the Cobra Group.

Client: Cobra Group

Mounting General Tables Hospital Teruel. Supply of assembly of general panels of the new hospital in Teruel for the installer Gedesel.

Client: Gedesel

Medium voltage cells. Installation and wiring of control panels and management of Siemens medium voltage cells for Naturgy.

Client: Siemens

Nurel in Zaragoza. Assembly and wiring of general panels Nurel substations in Zaragoza. Monitoring of all switches using ABB’s Ability and 4B segregation.

Client: ABB

Cold C.G.B.T. Installation of general low temperature cold boxes for Levitec Systems.

Client: Levitec Sistems

Thermal plant. Assembly of 2,650 LOC solar trackers and solar field control panels for Schneider Electric, Sener Engineering.


Client: Gemasolar

Wiring and panel assembly for Traction Substations. Machining and wiring of switchboards for Railway Substations at the Sécheron factory in Prague.


Client: Scheron

Assembly and assembly on site of C.G.B.T for Super Computer. On-site assembly and assembly of the General Low Voltage Panel for the MareNostrum 5 Super Computer installed in Barcelona.


Client: Marenostrum 5

Installation of a wastewater treatment plant in the Gabal El Asfar complex in Cairo (Egypt).


Client: –

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